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VLOG : "Another Red lipstick"

I know not everyone is into the vlogging thing, but I sure am.  I'm probably one of the most nosey people you'll meet, so when people willing post their lives on the internet, I'm all over it! 

You might already know that I started doing a few of these vlogs when my boyfriend returned from London during the holidays.  This one took place on December 29th (yes, it took me that long to get around to editing it), a few days before he jumped on a flight back to the UK. 

I still have one more from our New Years Eve party coming later in the week, so stay tuned!

Watch the whole series on my YouTube channel HERE

Xo, Andrea



pale blue turtleneck
Christmas party outfit
leather skirt
Pale blue turtleneck
Pale blue turtleneck
Pale blue turtleneck

Skirt - Forever21
Sweater - Vintage (Similar and Similar)
Boots - Aldo (old - similar HERE)
Necklace - Ardene's
Sunglasses - Forever21 (Similar)

In my family, we tend to put on our Sunday best for Christmas day.  This was what I came up with this year. This pale blue colour is pretty much the only colour I wear right now.  Typically it's black and white everyday but for some reason I'm so drawn to this shade of blue at the moment. I even bought THIS leather jacket in blue from Forever21 last night.  It reminds me of snow and cozy winter days but also reads very chic when paired with black and classic pieces.

Are you also craving anything pale blue at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

You can also watch my vlog from this same day (it includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) HERE on my youtube channel or watch my whole vlog playlist HERE!

Xo, Andrea



Coat - Vintage (Similar ones linked below)
Top - old
Shoes - Spring Shoes
Purse - Aldo 

It's starting. Friends are getting married and experiencing baby fever. Which seems crazy because I feel like we are still in high school but fact of the matter is, we're getting old, haha.

This was the outfit I wore to the lucky couples engagement party last month.  I actually found it quite difficult to put together an outfit that I felt was appropriate for a "grown up" party but was still my style. After many wardrobe changes, this is what I came up with.

In case you didn't already know, I attempted vlogging over the holidays while my boyfriend was in town visiting from London. If you're curious to see what we got up to over the holidays (or want to see how weird I am) watch my VLOG playlist HERE.

I've also done a few lookbooks recently, which you can see HERE

Xo, Andrea



how to style blue hair
how to style blue hair
blue hair
how to style blue hair
how to style blue hair
Sweater - Vintage
Skirt  - Forever21
Shoes - Spring Shoes
Bag - Aldo Shoes
Sunglasses - Raybans

I am so behind on posts right now.  With Ken being home, vlogging the whole thing (Watch my vlogs HERE) and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, blogging has been pushed to the side.  I'll be playing catch up over the next week before I go back to work.  

This outfit reminds me of the wardrobe troubles I had while my hair was blue. Although I loved the blue hair, it made it much more difficult to get dressed each day.  I couldn't wear my favourite all black outfits because it just looked too gothic, and everything else seemed to come off looking a little punk.  Plaid was definitely off the table while my hair was blue. 

I found the best way to get around those two problems, was to stick with neutrals (as seen here) or do my best to add a boho vibe to my outfits (See a boho example HERE).  I much prefer the 'boho blue' to the 'punk blue' hair look.

How about you?

Xo, Andrea

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