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If you've read my blog lately, you might know that my boyfriend moved to the UK in September to do a Masters degree. Postgraduate study is something he has considered for years and it has finally happened. As much as it sucks having him live on the other side of the world, absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder.  All the little things that annoy you really don't matter anymore and all you want is for them to be home with you again.  Thank god for Skype and high speed internet. What an amazing invention.

Luckily, he was able to come home for the holidays.  Since I have the worst memory in the world, I decided to vlog bits and pieces of our time together so that I'd have something to look back on when he leaves again.  I love looking back on old vlogs and being able to remember the details of the day.

Unfortunately, Ken isn't thrilled with the idea of a camera in his face but, I'll take what I can get. Below I've linked the first two vlogs...

The first day was the day before he arrived, you can watch that here:

He arrived on the second day. Watch my excitement here:

I hope they are entertaining! Keep an eye out on my youtube channel and subscribe HERE so you can see what I upload the vlog from the weekend!

Xo, Andrea



black nail polish
maybelline nail polish
maybelline nail polish
black fall nail polish

Recently Alex from HRHCOLLECTION on youtube caught my attention when she mentioned this Black nail polish by Maybelline in the colour Onyx Rush (I even love the name!).  Originally she had bought a black polish by Chanel but wasn't pleased with the finish and that it had chipped in a day.  She recommend this very inexpensive alternative and I had to try it.  The finish is actually really nice.  No sparkle, glossy, it layers really well (I have two coats on here) and has yet to chip - two days later. (Disclaimer: I did put a coat of Sally Hansen's Gel coat on top for added shine and chip resistance)

At first I wasn't sure because I swatched it onto one nail in the shop and it looked grey/brown.  I bought it anyways because I Alex has the best taste and certainly has an eye for quality.  So glad I did, because the second coat went on beautifully. The perfect purely black nail for fall for only a few dollars!

I also picked up the jewel toned green called Walk in the Park because they were on sale that day.  Can't wait to try it!

Xo, Andrea



The sun decided to come out over the weekend, so I thought I'd film a few outfits that I've been liking recently.

Hope you find something inspiring about it! Happy YouTubing!

Xo, Andrea



white boho shawl
how to style white
Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree
Indian Saree

Shawl - Vintage (Part of a Indian Saree)
Skirt - Old
T-Shirt - Brandy Melville
Boots - Spring Shoes (last year)
Sunglasses - Raybans

This shawl I scored as a bit of a 2 for 1.  It also came with a skirt as the other half of the saree.  Usually when things come as a set, I like one piece and not the other.  This time I really loved both pieces and went home feeling like the best vintage shopper ever! I'm sure you'll be seeing the skirt in a post in the near future, it's gorgeous!!!

This is actually one of two sarees that I own.  They are just so beautiful, intricate and interesting! My local vintage shop if full of them because of the population in my area so I always make sure to check out that section when I visit the shop.  I'd highly recommend taking a peek into sections of vintage shops that you might not think to look at.  The international and even the mens sections are two spots I always make sure to poke around in.

Xo, Andrea
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