T-Shirt Dress - Random Boutique
Denim Shirt - Old - (option here)
Shoes - Go Jane - no longer available - similar version HERE
Watch - Nixon
Sunglasses - Raybans
Necklaces - Vintage and Forever21

Since Ken will be moving to London in only a few short weeks, we are really trying to take advantage of the time we have left together by exploring the city and planning technology free evenings together.  Last weekend we decided to explore Main Street on bike.  Main street is practically our front yard, yet we didn't really know what it had to offer.  

We started out at a little brewery for a few tasters and then found a new restaurant for dinner.  Chicken stripes and fries aren't what I would usually order for dinner, but I wasn't feeling great that night and was craving comfort food. 

On the way back, we found a funky mural you see in the picture above, and then wandered the streets looking for a spot for the rest of the pictures.  Despite not feeling well, it was a really fun night.




Skirt - Stolen from my sister
Halter Top - Brandy Melville
Shoes - Go Jane
Purse - Vintage (similar ones here, here, here)
Watch - Nixon

Last week we had a massive heatwave here in Vancouver.  It was so hot that I couldn't sleep at night and I was basically a zombie because of it.  Luckily, I was in the Operating Room during the day, which is obviously air conditioned.  

In the evening, I combated the heat with milkmaid braids to keep my hair off my neck and a cold beer (or maybe two) in hand.

Xo, Andrea



Spent that Saturday afternoon hitting a few golf balls.  I almost hit someone in the head so I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon…

Yummy lobster salsa and chips at The Craft in Olympic Village

Visiting the family 

Feeling preppy a few days ago 

One of my favourite buildings I walk past on my way to work 

A part of my sunglass binge

Brainstorming ideas for redecorating when I move back to the burbs next month

A favourite combo.  Stripes, converse and Starbucks.  

Dutch Braid for chasing the pup around the yard

Breaking in my Chanel dupe shoes around the house last weekend

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Have a great weekend!

Xo, Andrea



Shoes - Birkenstock look-a-likes (the real thing HERE)
Shorts - Forever21
Top - Old
Sunglasses - Raybans
Hat - Stolen from my boyfriend (Love this one too)

I randomly stumbled upon one of my boyfriends old baseball hats last week and really loved the way it looked with my simple button-up and cut-offs.  This outfit is what he likes me in best.  Simple simple simple, with the added bonus of a baseball hat.

  Guys just prefer simplicity, and are confused by fashion forward stuff.  He says "that looks weird", "I don't get it" or "it looks like your wearing a doyle", haha.  We've been together long enough that I actually appreciate his honesty and find it quite funny.  When it comes down to it, my style is my style and I'm sticking to it! But I do love a a good t-shirt and jeans kinda outfit every so often.

Xo, Andrea