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Overalls - Vintage (Shop my favourites down below)
Shoes - Birks
Sunnies - Forever21 - no longer available - love THESE
Bralette - Forever21

Overalls are one of those pieces that make life easy.  Much like a dress, you can just throw it on and BAM - instant outfit.  I fell in love with this one when I spotted it at Value Village over the summer.  I'd never seen corduroy overalls that had this low cut front and cute little pockets in the front.  Certainly a one of a kind vintage fine.  

I've sought out a few options from around the web that I love just as much.  I Especially love THESE high waisted flared ones for fall. They make the perfect sexy, retro outfit. You know, if your the type of person that can kind overalls sexy, haha.

Xo, Andrea
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lace boho style perfect for date night
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University tee - Vintage (mens section)
Lace Kimono - Forever21 (similar HERE)
Shoes - Aldo
Watch - Nixon
Sunglasses - Raybans

This outfit kind of happened by accident.  I was originally wearing just the tee and skirt but thought I might need something over my shoulders for our walk along the seawall.  I grabbed the first thing with sleeves that I saw in my closet and headed out the door.  Something about the preppy tee and the feminine lace that I really liked. I also really liked that the lace kimono was a slightly different shade of white from the tee.  Worked perfectly for our stroll through the village.

Xo, Andrea




[Winged liner]

[one of the last photos of our apartment before we moved out]

[always a favourite - Prague March 2013]

[getting ready for fall with fringe, leather and lace]

[iced coffee]

[Retail therapy to mend a sad heart after dropping the boyfriend off at the airport]

[Anything is possible]

[Seawall sunsets]

[our make shift coffee table we used after we sold almost everything we owned]

[All white airport outfit]

[Fish tacos and beer after work]

[Back in my old room for a few years]

[a few of my favourite items]

I do apologize for my recent disappearance from the blog.  I recently moved (again!) and my boyfriend has officially headed for London to do his Masters.  For years we talked about him going abroad for school, and it is so crazy that it has actually happening now.  Although it is going to be incredibly hard living apart for so long, I know that we will both be happy with the decision in the future.  Thank goodness for Skype!

So, with all these big changes happening, the blog has been pushed to the sidelines.  The dust is finally starting to settle and I'm beginning to feel a little more organized, so things should resume in the near future! Hold tight! With a whole new room to decorate - I'm feeling motivated and inspired all over again. So I have lots of ideas for new posts coming soon!




easy boho hairstyle perfect for unwashed hair
easy boho hairstyle perfect for unwashed hair

I don't know about you, but I tend to get in hair ruts.  Like most girls, I much prefer my hair down and styled.  The problem is I only like to wash my hair a few days a week, so I have to come up with styles that work for 2nd or 3rd day hair.  

Last week, I randomly threw my hair up in these messy buns and loved how it turned out.  I think the fact that my hair was "dirty" added enough texture to allow it to hold and create that "piecey" boho look. I pulled a few pieces out in the front and around my face to give it more of a laid back feel.  What is you go to "dirty" hair routine?

Xo, Andrea